How to Maintain Healthy Diet for Turtles as Pets

How to Maintain Healthy Diet for Turtles as Pets

Unlike other pets like cats and dogs, turtles are different when kept as pets. You may miss some cuddles from your pet but in other aspects, turtles can be great pets. Taking care of them and keeping a check on their daily needs is another task which requires time and effort with some research too.

Keeping wild animals in captivity comes with a great cost. It includes the provision of suitable living temperatures and the environment. One of the important factors can be considered as providing healthy and best turtle food that can boost your pet’s health as well as feels comfortable with that food.

Suitable food for your pet:

Before you buy food for your turtle, you may need to find out the species of your pet. These reptiles are in a variety of species and they have a variety of food for each. Some of them are only dependent on vegetables and plants and that’s why they are known as Herbivores. While some are known as dependent on meat or protein diet, they are known as carnivores. There is another specie too that depend on both food varieties and is known as omnivores.

How to feed your turtle

Best food for red-eared slider turtles including plant-based foods or protein diets. You must consider the food preferences of your pet so that it must not lose interest in food.

Try to keep a balance between protein and green food sources. Fruits and vegetables are often considered for older turtles. It has been noted that younger turtles eat more meat than older ones. You must make the ratio to prepare the best turtle food in a way that 80% of the food consists of the flowers and vegetables and the rest 20% should comprise of fruits.

Avoid providing stale and rotten food to your pet. It will not only deteriorate the health but your pet will also lose interest in eating. Always provide fresh food in a way that appeals to your pet.

You must provide turtles some amount of meat twice in a week or even thrice. The meat may include fish, worms or sometimes they prefer snails. Some Calcium and vitamin additives should also be considered because they are important for your pet’s shell hardness.

The best turtle food you can provide your pet is in the form of pallets. The pallets are easy to chew for turtles and they have a complete blend of vitamins and proteins that are required by them.